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I've built more sites than what is listed here. Becuase of non-disclosure agreements and other legal reasons I am unable to mention them, unfortunately.


My Personal, Offline Journal WebApp

I needed a way to remember when things happened. I started with a text file but wanted something easier to use on a mobile device. I use this tool every day and enter the highlights of the day. Also, everything is searchable.

This app was built using AngulaJS and a PouchDB database that syncs automatically to a CouchDB server. All files are cached for offline access and will even run on a mobile device when in airplane mode.

AngularJS PouchDB CouchDB Javascript HTML5 + Application Cache CSS3 Twitter Bootstrap

NatInv National Invoice

Simple, Fast Invoicing

Built to solve the needs of a friend. We are working on launching NatInv as a solution for small/personal businesses that need/want easy-to-use invoicing.

Some key features are; mobile-first design, offline use, wireless printing of invoices and statements, sharing invoices via text message or email, auto-completion of invoice details and clean, non-cluttered interface.

AngularJS Laravel MySQL PouchDB CouchDB Javascript HTML5 + Application Cache CSS3 Twitter Bootstrap API


My Personal Recipe Database

I built this site from the ground up. I was still in the early days of learning the Laravel framework and there are still some unfinished details to this site. I plan on rebuilding it to be faster and cleaner-looking.

Some key features are mobile-friendly design and whn you add a new recipe it will scan the original site for the photo, ingredients and instructions and try to format them automatically for the user. This was to reduce the amount of typing or copy/pasting the user has to do.

Laravel Twitter Bootstrap PHP HTML5 CSS3 JQuery Javascript cURL scraping


Customizable online business tools to connect with customers.

This is a business listing site that provides businesses with customizable content and dynamically generated QR Codes that bring customers to an elegant mobile-first landing page that can contain an map, list of services, hours of operation or anything they want to enter.

This site includes a built-in, wysiwyg email builder, email campaign, and bulk email leads tools for newsletters and user communications. It also has custom blogging tools and Paypal and Braintree payment integration.

Laravel Twitter Bootstrap PHP HTML5 CSS3 JQuery Javascript QR Codes Custom Print Styles


A tool for salesman itineraries and customer management

This site was built to let salesmen quickly build an itenerary for the week ahead and then use it to make their stop reports. It also tracks mileage and any expenditures they may have incurred. When reports are printed they are in a beautiful, readable format.

Laravel Twitter Bootstrap PHP HTML5 CSS3 JQuery Javascript


A custom website for a staging/real estate company

This site was built to showcase the customer's staging and current real estate offerings. I connected the site to a third-party API for searching real estate in the area they serviced.

Note: The owner has moved and the site is no longer in use. The third-party API has been disabled, but most of the site still works.

Laravel PHP HTML5 CSS3 JQuery Javascript API Integration QR Codes


A business-to-business portal for online inventory and purchase orders

This site was built using Classic ASP and JQuery. The database is updated regularly using an uploaded CSV file generated by the main business system. Customers can login and see their order status and check stock levels.

The part search tool uses AJAX to search multiple database tables to find stocked and non-stocked parts. The Kimber's Intranet also features a dashboard widget to alert users to new accounts, orders and more.

VBScript Classic ASP HTML CSS JQuery AJAX Access ODBC Database


Website for a used, cooking oil pickup serivce

This is a simple information-based static site to help potential customers learn more about the oil collection services of Darton Environmental. The site features a responsive design for easy reading regardless of screen size.

It also features an integrated Google Docs contact page that saves messages to an online spreadsheet.

HTML5 CSS3 JQuery Fluid/Responsive Design Integrated Google Docs


Sales site for a new trail marking products for woodsmen

This is a single-item website used to promote/sell an invisible trail-marking product for woodsmen and hunters. It has embedded video, dynamic image slideshows and Paypal integration. It also featured an integrated Twitter feed widget.

HTML5 CSS3 JQuery YouTube PayPal


Website for a professional on-site auto detailing and repair service

Just a simple information site for a local company. It has before/after slideshows and and integrated Google Docs contact page that saves messages to an online spreadsheet.

HTML5 CSS3 JQuery Integrated Google Docs


Wordpress site for a garage equipment sales and service company

Wordpress was used because the customer wanted to control the adding and updating of the content. A custom theme was applied and further customized.

Wordpress Customized Theme

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